List of qualities to modern villas construction

Standard equipment

Foundation and structure

  • Reinforced concrete slab foundation, according to EHE-08.
  • Mixed structure of standardized metal profiles and reticular reinforced concrete slabs, according to EHE-08.

Ventilated sanitary floor

  • Ventilated sanitary floor type CAVITI to avoid humidity from the ground. and an optimum passage of installations. According to EHE-08.

Facades and partition walls

  • Facade with two enclosure sheets, made of ceramic brick with hydrophobic rendering on its inner face, XPS thermal insulation of 100 mm and inner sheet of PLADUR plasterboard.
  • Exterior mortar scraping plastering, with areas of cladding of porcelain stoneware or cladding of natural stone, fixed by anchors and mortars tails.
  • Internal housing partition based on double laminated plasterboard type PLADUR on each side and interior insulation.
  • Metal flashing and coping galvanised steel, colour to choose upon catalogue.
  • Natural stone facade skirting, thus avoiding splashes in the cladding.

Exterior carpentry

  • Aluminum carpentry with RPT (breakage of the thermal bridge) series COR VISION CORTIZO with insulating glass with camera and two sheets, one of them of security.

Plumbing, sanitation and ventilation facilities

  • Complete facility for cold water and DHW with multi-layer tube type (PE-X / AL / PE-X) fully connected, assembled and tested.
  • Sanitation facility with PVC tube series B, fully connected, assembled and tested.
  • Ventilation and extraction facility with ducts in wet rooms.

DHW facility with solar support

  • Individual solar thermal collector system equipped with solar field, collectors of high performance and efficiency. Pumping exchange system. Distribution manifold and accumulator. Individual facility to support the production of DHW.
  • Solar collectors of 145V VAILLANT or similar.
  • Electric water heater (100 liters).

Pre-installation of air conditioning

Electricity and telecommunications facilities

  • Electric box of elevated electrification with forecast for pool installation, exterior lighting and other provisions.
  • TV sockets in bedrooms, living room, kitchen and terrace.
  • RJ45 data connection in living room and bedrooms.
  • ZENIT series mechanisms from NIESSEN or similar.
  • Video door entry.

Floors of the house

  • Stoneware floor tiles PORCELAIN large formats stone effect manufactured by BALDOCER or similar.
  • Stoneware floor tiles PORCELAIN large formats cement effect manufactured by BALDOCER or similar.
  • Stoneware floor tiles PORCELAIN large formats wood effect manufactured by BALDOCER or similar.
  • Laminated wooden board AC5 / 33 (8mm) from manufactured by SWISS KRONO.

Tiling in bathrooms and kitchens

  • Tile PORCELAIN tile in kitchens and bathrooms manufactured by BALDOCER or similar.

Kitchen equipment

  • Kitchens with low and high furniture up to ceilings, with high quality laminated manufactured by BC3 or similar.
  • Technological marble kitchen bench manufactured by MONTBLANC or similar.
  • Faucets of first brands like TRES or similar and stainless sink to attach under countertop manufactured by ICOBEN or similar.
  • SIEMENS induction hob and extractor hood of SP or similar.
  • Leds.

Bathroom equipment

  • Sanitary equipment manufactured by UNISAN or DURAVIT.
  • Includes suspended bathroom furniture with sink, mirror and leds.
  • Includes extra-flat shower plates with slate texture manufactured by HIDRONATUR or similar.
  • Faucets from leading manufactured by TRES or similar.
  • Bath screens with 8mm clear tempered glass and anti-scale treatment are included.

Wood carpentry

  • Folding or sliding type carpentry of MDF lacquered in white or different types of wood finish with to choose upon catalogue.
  • Armored door at the entrance to the house.
  • It includes the doors of a sliding cupboard type in white lacquered MDF or different types of wood finish to choose upon catalogue

Enclosure of plot, porch, perimeter sidewalk and pedestrian doors and vehicles

  • Fenced in the main front of the plot, with “caravista” block wall and doors for pedestrian and vehicle access, this one motorized (10 lineal metres of wall).
  • It includes the formation of porch in the dining area of the house and perimeter in printed concrete (1 meter wide sidewalk).


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