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Projects and management

Taxes and licenses

Urban viability and geotechnical report

Simple project

Topographic survey

Completed project

Safety and health project

Safety and health coordination

Plan of safety and health

Waste management

Construction management

Technical construction management

Energy efficiency certificates

Geo- referencing cadastre management

Request and management to work licenses rates

Tax on constructions, facilities and works

Dealings with the public Administration

Aplication and payment of fee (EPCG Licenses)

Management with supplier companies


Foundation made with reinforced concrete for land may fluctuate by more or less than 3%, feasible review according to geotechnical report.

Ditches to land entry for charges by companies supplying water, electricity, sewage, ….

Mixed structure of standardized metal profiles and reticular reinforced concrete slabs.

Ventilated sanitary floor type.

Facade and Exterior mortar scraping plastering.

Internal housing partition.

1 meter perimeter sidewalk and porch area.

10 meters fenced in the main front of the plot and pedestrian doors and vehicles.

Aluminum carpentry and insulating glass.

Wood carpentry: Access and closet doors.

Plumbing facilities taking into account existing supply pressure.

Sanitation and ventilation facilities.

DHW facility with solar support.

Electricity facilities with existing supply power.

Telecommunications and data network facilities.

Interior finishes.

Kitchens with furniture and equipped with induction hob, extractor hood and leds.

Bathrooms with furniture and equipped with sanitaries, Faucets, screens, mirror and leds..

Pre-installation of air conditioning.

Basement models are delivered raw.

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